Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weaving Face Cloths with Hemp or Nettle

Often we get asked what to make out of our handspun Hemp and Nettle. Knitted facecloths are the obvious answer, but what about woven facecloths? This site recently featured a project using hemp or nettle yarn to weave loop-pile cloths on a rigid heddle loom--although nearly any loom would work.

What if you don't weave? then what should you make? Often Hemp or Nettle can be substituted for linen in patterns where you can get the same gauge. Like linen, the yarns will soften with wash and wear. Another idea similar to a facecloth is a little drawstring scrub bags for your favorite soaps--add a loop to hang when wet so the soap dries out. Or crochet hats, little pouches and purses, embellishments--like flowers to embellish your knits with, market bags, and even simple placemats and other home decor items take on a whole new aesthetic when knit with hemp or nettle.

Check out our free pattern page for two patterns, Farm Market Purse and Hipster, that use nettle or hemp as a carry-along.