Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new free pattern has just been listed....

A new free pattern has just been listed: Okranana. With only one skein of Banana Silk yarn you can create the smaller size, 3 skeins makes the larger size. I used a skein of Sari Ribbon to finger crochet the strap on the larger size, however there is enough Banana Silk yarn leftover to do i-cord if you prefer.

I’ve always hated math—but somehow when knitting is involved, I find it can be really interesting! This bag experiments with the idea that geometric shapes can be knitted from the outside in by placing decreases in the right spots. No matter the number of stitches, decreasing at an average of 4 stitches per row will keep the work flat as you work toward the center. How you line up the decreases determines the shape and number of sides.

To create this bag you start at the outside edges and work inward, forming a pentagonal shape. Work the second side from a provisional cast-on, and this will make the bag seamless. When you knit handspun Banana Silk yarn at a tight gauge, it creates an ideal fabric for bags.

Okra-nana? Okra is pentagonal, banana is the yarn.