Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we're back...and blogging!

We're back from our first trip to TNNA! It was fabulous!

It was our first trip to Ohio, to TNNA, and our first time to exhibit. We met people we've known for years, but had never met in person...and made several new friends, too.

If you stopped by our booth, you couldn't miss the huge jar of our felted baubles--seen below. We had a contest going to see who was closest to guessing the total number of balls. No one guessed exactly, but many got very close. K. Miller was the very closest to guessing the mystery number of 1099. A box of goodies will be on their way to the lucky winner.

Watch our email newsletter for our next contest--email me to get on the list. Giving away free stuff is fun! (even if we don't arrive in a limo with a huge cardboard check)